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My Trip To Cortez Beach - Anna Marie Island

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Sunday, August 21, 2022 after I got off work, my best and pretty much only (for the time being - Kuz y'all are about to travel with me, right?) travel buddy and I decided to take a trip to Anna Marie Island!

Man, was that 2 hour and 15 minute drive from Ocala worth it!

We got there right before a storm and I got to get some pretty nice photos out of it.

Yup, I took these beautiful views. You're welcome.

All photos were taken by Red Johnson

Upon entering I was immediately love-struck. The brief, and I do mean brief, walk from the car to the beach was amazing. The view walking to the beach will have you in awe. The sand is pretty with shells and clean. The bluffs are lush and flowing. Then, when you actually step onto the beach, you just get caught in the vast amazing world of the Gulf of Mexico.

It was about 4:30pm on a Sunday, there was barely any people there. Although, there was a storm that hit around 5:30pm. It never hit the island hard but rained about 10 minutes and she and I were right back onto the beach.

Even with a storm in the sky, the water was clear, had a beautiful temperature and only the tiny fish were out to play. While I was on a video call with my husband I happened to be standing still for a short period of time and got surrounded by a school of fish. It was absolutely an amazing time.

I'm not so much the site seer where I go to shops and things like that. She and I go to water destinations and eat food. We try to find the cheapest way possible for our journeys. (Until we spend $100 on food LOL.)

If you're interested in parasailing just click here and figure out which package works for you. If you'd like me to go with you, just shoot me an email

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