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Bored At Home Catchy Game.

Updated: May 5, 2020

So since this whole pandemic has started and I'm listed as non essential, I felt like finding an out word game I happen to have back in elementary and middle school. Granted, this style of game was never given to me in the school atmosphere, I found it on my old ass Vtech computers.

Aww man when I played this game first on my Vtech Power Pad.

There was multiple games I liked. Letter Drop happened to be my favorite on this one. I never understood the type of education I was getting on this thing back in the 90's, but I'm 100% grateful that I was fortunate to be given these types of toys growing up.

So after a year of playing with this indestructible toy, I ended up getting the Vtech Genius Leader 4000.

YO! I don't care who you are, this little toy right here was the automatic everything! I would write pages and pages and PAGES of stories on this thing, It helped me with my homework, I learned so many things I didn't learn in school. The shit I was messing up in Writing and Literature I was able to turn around. When computers were introduced in the 90's, I was already on board!

Makes me kinda want to buy one for my kids. I mean, I kepyt these things for YEARS! I'd have sleepovers and I'd get one, my cousin or friends would get the other. My kids have regular computers but I don't lock them down like these are. I probably should now that I think about it LOL.

So anyway.... I was looking for a game resembling the games of the words falling down the screen. Since it was a speed test, the higher you got, the faster the words fell. I remember on my Leader 4000, the words would fall so fast you cold barely see them. They were pixelized and choppy lmfao.

I went thru quite a few of typing games and I've come across this one on it's called Typing Attack

Positive Thoughts. Positive Actions.


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