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Re-opening the Salon After Lockdown

Updated: May 10, 2020

As we all know, we just went through a world wind of having to stay home. Many of our nails broke, people need barbers and hair dressers! Let alone the tattoo parlor and the place to get your favorite wings!

Well now that Things are opening back up, here's some things to think about:

*First: This is the time to be patient. Really. Be patient. Since ALL salons now need to be appointment only, that's not a change to how I have my schedule. BUT The biggest change is there can be no waiting. You cannot come in 15 minutes early anymore and chit chat or pick your colors or designs. Each person must either wait outside or in their car. I know it's an absolute inconvenience, but it's a safety precaution for EVERYONE. You, me, the person before you, the person after you. The person 4 hours from you, all need to be taken into consideration. No extra persons are allowed. One person per appointment please.

*Please come in and immediately wash your hands. It's simple. It's kinda normal. Just wash your hands. Thank you.

*Please do not remove your mask.

If you are searching for masks, here are a couple of places.

*Please do not use your phone during your service. Many don't think about it, but your phone is dirtier than money. No point in trying to be sanitized and then the phone is out. Please, no phones.

*Please do not have a drink on the nail table. Also, please do not remove your mask, so a drink is really not necessary. This also goes for food. Please don't bring any food in.

*Children. As much as I don't want to turn children away, please understand the occupancy stipulations. Children are unable to wait in the car, If your child wants to have a service done, please be the last appointment of the day. Children over the ages of 12 preferably. I know school's not in and most daycare's are closed but no children are allowed to accompany you to an appointment. This follows under the states guidelines to 1 person per appointment.

*Cash. Most know I do not like cash, I'd prefer card or CashApp. Please take this into consideration because I WILL NOT HAVE CHANGE AVAILABLE! You are able to pay for your service with a different card then you booked with. The card you booked with is only charged during check out or when there is a no show.

*Appointments... There is now a cancellation fee. Please be aware of that. There is no deposit but there will be a $20 non refundable cancellation fee if you are more than 15 minutes late. After the 15 minute threshold, I cannot take your appoint and will be marked as a no show. All appointments mut be cancelled 24 hours PRIOR to appointment.

We all appreciate your time and patience! We are trying to have everyone be beautiful and stay safe!

Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions


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