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New Year... New Business Moves!

As year is dwindling down and 2023 is making me prepare my taxes, I realized I'm getting screwed. Royally. As much as 2022 has been draining on everyone's pockets, I tried my hardest not to raise prices, give service fees or take deposits. I don't ever want to be a toxic nail tech to yall! I love and appreciate every one of you!

SO! After the thousands of dollars I've lost in certain merchants, booking and transfers I'm switching over to PayPal and StyleSeat. Some of you have noticed my TAP Pay has already switched over to PayPal and Zettle, as the keypad is on your side of the desk.

With this new keypad you are able to pay with debit OR credit, TAP pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo Tap and QR codes. I still accept cash OF COURSE and I still work on the barter system.

Realistically it's better for you all too. I won't have to raise my prices right now. *There will be a price increase on May 1st 2023.* This is because I've been watching how products have been rising in price by one and two dollar increments, not cents.

2023 will also be opening many doors!

Massage services will be offered, a barber is now on call, many stylists are on site and the boutique is booming with community made items!

Now, lets talk about my StyleSeat booking.

It's actually pretty simple. I personally think it's easier than my previous/current booking website. You can either create an account or just make an appointment.

You select whichever services you'd like, including combined services, for multiple services or people. You hold your spot with your Visa or MasterCard without a deposit. You have the option to pay in advance. That's 100% up to you, I don't require it. Then come to your appointment, get your pampering service(s) and StyleSeat will automatically check you out. If you'd like to pay in cash, just let me know and we can cancel your payment online. Pretty simple.

I've used StyleSeat through many of my friends in the service industry, my son's barber uses it, my braider uses it and a few business associates I have use it. I think this will be a good thing for us. Yes us. You pay me, remember? LOL

In the next few weeks I will be adding my client list over to StyleSeat so you may start getting messages for them about upcoming events and other services you may be interested in.

Please remember we still have the Food Drive going on at the shop. Please drop off any non-perishables off M-F 9am-7pm at the salon. Don't forget to grab your raffle ticket!

On to 2023 everyone!

Positive Thoughts. Positive Actions.


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