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What NOT To Do While Getting Your Nails Done.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

First and foremost, this is going to be a VERY upfront post. Take it or leave it, most of you know how I am.

Look, these are really simple rules that every nail tech will want you to follow. I do mean every. These are also small (yet very major) details that could easily turn you into ...dun dun dun... "The Client From Hell".

  1. BE LATE

This a very hard task for many people. It's simple really. Do you like when people are late for you? No. So, why be late for someone else? My time is just a valuable as yours.

Being in this type of service industry, there is no hourly wage. There is no down time while on the clock. The moment I'm done with a client, I stop getting paid. No money is being made while no one is in my chair.

Those five or ten minutes you're late, is also a rolling effect for the rest of my day. This is a negative thing. If you're late I tend to rush because I feel every client should be free to walk in to the salon for their appointment, go wash their hands and sit right down in my chair. None of you should have to wait for me. This is not a fast service salon or a doctor's office. I'm not trying to see you 30 to 40 minuts passed your appointment time.

Just be punctual please.


This part is science. Yup. Physics and anatomy.

So you're sitting down, getting your glitz and glam on and you want to lean in and get a look at what's going on. Sure, I'm fine with it. Untiiiiiil....

You cross that right arm over on to the left hand that I'm holding. Bam, instantly your wrist and pinky lose flexibility and mobility. Now I'm pinching your finger a little harder to move your fingers side to side.