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What NOT To Do While Getting Your Nails Done.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

First and foremost, this is going to be a VERY upfront post. Take it or leave it, most of you know how I am.

Look, these are really simple rules that every nail tech will want you to follow. I do mean every. These are also small (yet very major) details that could easily turn you into ...dun dun dun... "The Client From Hell".

  1. BE LATE

This a very hard task for many people. It's simple really. Do you like when people are late for you? No. So, why be late for someone else? My time is just a valuable as yours.

Being in this type of service industry, there is no hourly wage. There is no down time while on the clock. The moment I'm done with a client, I stop getting paid. No money is being made while no one is in my chair.

Those five or ten minutes you're late, is also a rolling effect for the rest of my day. This is a negative thing. If you're late I tend to rush because I feel every client should be free to walk in to the salon for their appointment, go wash their hands and sit right down in my chair. None of you should have to wait for me. This is not a fast service salon or a doctor's office. I'm not trying to see you 30 to 40 minuts passed your appointment time.

Just be punctual please.


This part is science. Yup. Physics and anatomy.

So you're sitting down, getting your glitz and glam on and you want to lean in and get a look at what's going on. Sure, I'm fine with it. Untiiiiiil....

You cross that right arm over on to the left hand that I'm holding. Bam, instantly your wrist and pinky lose flexibility and mobility. Now I'm pinching your finger a little harder to move your fingers side to side.

In doing this... it completely tightens your brachioradialis and flexor digitorum superficialis muscles. Your forearm. Which makes your wrist go tight. Not good.


CROSS CONTAMINATION is a real thing people!!!!! It's just not with food.

Check it..... Do I have you wash your hands before you sit down? Yup, I'm pretty sure I do. Why? Why in the fuck are you washing your hands? To get alllll those damn germies and whatever else you got going on, off your hands. Lotions, oils, body spray... all that has to go. Some of the items you all wear cause me to have allergic reactions (a form of CROSS CONTAMINATION). My body does not like high fragrances or cheap alcohol based fragrances, once I touch it, I get itchy. Anyway, that's besides the point. This is about you and your nasty ass habits.

Don't be this guy...

The realism is, we know that tissue is not doing shit. You and I both know when you blew your nose, your fingers get damp. If you felt that moisture, CROSS CONTAMINATION.

This is what I see across from me...


Then there's the back of the hand thing that just fuckin kills me. I had to wash your hands then you do the inevitable...

The thing is, your eyes, nose, ears and mouth are all filled with shit. When you wipe your eyes, your cooties come with it. Oooooook you work in the medical field and get tested all time for CoVID-19, I get it. What you weren't tested for was commom bacteria like S. aureus, coagulase-negative staphylococci, S. pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Were you?

Naaaaa. You weren't because you didn't even know you had that bacteria in your eyes.

In my past culinary career, I implemented cross contamination rules a lot. I wish more medical professionals that sit down at my desk did too.

4. CELL PHONE USE - A Whole Other Category

I do not mind you being on your phone while at your appointments. It could be for business, it could be for pleasure, either way I don't give a shit. Here's some little things to think about while in a public atmosphere.

A. Yup. We ALL hear your convo. You may not care, but as soon as you walk out of the door, someone is going to talk about you or ask questions. I won't say anything, but just know, salon life can be catty, it's all women. Turn your volume down.

B. That's a dumb ass ringtone. Turn it down. The 2000's called. They want their ringtone back.

No, really. Sometimes your ringtones shows your maturity level.

Bag back on the gangster rap Tina, it's only an hour appointment. Place that bad boy on silent.


Like I said, I don't care if you use your phone. Never have. But don't cross your arm over the one I'm working on. Those muscles will all the syllables tighten up and were back to me squeezing. move your phone to the side with the free hand. It's ergonomics (sitting correct while working or for long periods of time).

D. If you put your phone on speaker phone...

You know what... you know who you can and can't turn your phone on speakerphone with. You want your credit card numbers read aloud, that's on you. You want people to know you're lights are turned off but you're sitting down getting you're nails done, that's on you. Don't be upset when someone comments on your phone call. You invited everyone into your business when you tapped that speakerphone button. Ma'am.

E. If you talk with your hands... hang up the fuckin phone, were about to fight. How can I polish your right hand if your left hand is twirling an imaginary baton? Be real. It's like

polishing a 4 year old.

I'm over cell phone use for the moment. That will be another blog post in the future. That's a huge category.


Stop. Just stop.

Wondering why I cleaned up around your cuticles a few times? Stop shaking.

Nail tapping is ridiculous. Ooooo you got the new set on. Why are you tapping the nails everywhere? They aren't stainless steel. They're freshly molded acrylic (plastic) that need at the LEAST 24 hours to set. Appreciate the hairline fractures you may have made but it's my fault when it breaks.

It's ok. This shit is all science and you don't understand the full extent of it. To you, it's just nails. Some powder and some liquid make your nails long.

To me, its chemistry.

If you catch yourself doing some of these actions, it could be why your nail tech gets pissy with you. Myself on the other hand, will just ask you to cut it out. I'm not with the shits.

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