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2022 Summer Update!

First and foremost, we're going to get to business first...

Due to inflation, I must raise my prices by $3, $5 and $10. There is just certain products that have gone up in price by a huge difference. Acetone and alcohol have raised to almost $100 per case when they were on average $40-$60 a case. Shipping is outrageous on other products. I apologize on having to stick it to you like every other business. But I also want to stay in business.

Now on to me...

As most know, my life is hectic as hell. Had a kid on the swim team with 5AM practices, have another kid having to work until 11 or 12 at night. Then, I have a business to run as well as show up for another. I was selling food, networking on live streams and making small little trades here and there.

Now, I am a certified lifeguard, I just became a travel agent and I'm still in limbo on the massage therapist or barber school ordeal. Wait, run that back... a lifeguard? A travel agent? Yup yup, I did that. I now can save lives (which I happen to do back in June) and book you a trip to your dream destination!

No shit. I really have been busy. I've been trying to jam weeks of schooling in just days. I'm still booking nail appointments and after the shooting, my life has really been in shambles. Was worried about breast cancer, and had a few friends die.

I have taken breaks here and there. A few trips to the Florida Springs, went to Spookala, a couple beaches, even drove to North Carolina. But now, I need more. In a couple months, check back and see what else I'm up to. Maybe I made it to the moon lol.


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